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Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

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1 month ago @ 12:32AM

Booster Club Scholarship Opportunities

Attention Champe family,


The John Champe Athletic Booster Club offers 4 x $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors each year and this year is no different.  We wanted to get the word out to everyone and let you know that the scholarship has been posted and made available to apply for.  See instructions below:


The scholarship has been posted on Naviance, where all of our other scholarships for Seniors are held. 


To get there, students will log into their Naviance account through LCPS go (all students and parents have an account and have access), go to the tab that says 'Colleges,' then 'Scholarships and Money,' then 'Scholarship List.' From here, they will scroll down and find the John Champe Athletic Booster Club Scholarship.


Please pass this along to whoever might be interested in applying.


The criteria are listed below:



  1. Candidate has successfully completed a minimum of one season of a VHSL sport at John Champe High School at the varsity level.
  2. Candidate’s family must be a current member of JCABC by May 1, 2020.
  3. Candidate must be a graduating member of the senior class.
  4. Candidate must have a 2.75 minimum GPA. 
  5. Candidate must complete the JCABC scholarship application and submit a short essay that speaks to the question, “How has participating in the athletic program at John Champe High School made an impact on me?”


Deadline:         May 15, 2020


Applications are available on-line and in the JCHS Career Center.


Good luck to everyone

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