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Knights Athletics

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Knights Athletics

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1 week ago @ 5:14PM

Covid-19 update - Return to sports plan (June 28th)

Attention Knight fans,

This has certainly been a trying and difficult time for all of us.  Your patience is much appreciated.  As society is moving back to some sense of normal, that means that athletics is doing the same.

The status on the start of Fall Sports is still unknown.  The VHSL Executive Committee met the other day and voted to take no action on Fall Sports.  There was too much unknown for them to cast a vote on the status of starting Fall Sports.  They are meeting again in mid to late July to make a final decision; so we will know more at that time.  In addition, each local school division is making plans for their return to school.  At this time LCPS has not made a final decision.

LCPS is opening up and allowing out of season practice to start in July.  Below is a timeline for the sports seasons:  Fall Sports - July 1st,  Winter Sports - July 15th and Spring Sports - July 29th.

At this time the out of season practices are limited to only one hour in length and MUST be conditioning only.  Not sport specific items can be used like balls or other equipment.  Additionally all practices MUST occur outside; no inside usage at this time.  The intent behind these workouts is to work to get the student athletes back in shape and rejoin team members to bond once again.

The work outs can be a maximum of 50 people and it is recommended that coaches break kids into pods of 8-10 (this is not mandatory, but recommended).  There is a 10 question pre-screening questionnaire that ALL student athletes and coaches MUST fill out each and everyday out of season practice is held as well as a temperature check done on site by coaches.  If anyone answers yes to any question or has a temperature over 100.4 they will be sent home and CANNOT participate that day.

These work-outs are not required by any team and they are not mandatory.  Many teams and individuals may simply choose not to participate in these volunteer work-outs; and that is ok.

Below is a link to a powerpoint that gives specifics on what can and cannot happen as well as specific requirements that i went over with all coaches.

JCHS coaches mtg powerpoint

We will updated everyone as more information becomes available.

Student Responsibilities are listed below

1.Submit activity registration online through our activity registration.
2.Submit a VHSL physical form that was conducted by a medical professional on or after May 1, 2020.
3.Bring and wear a facemask for screening or when a minimum of 10 feet social/physical distancing can not be maintain.
4.Complete the daily required screening prior to each practice.
5.MUST provide their own water bottle (minimum of 32oz required for a 1 hour practice).
6.Wash hands before and after each practice.
7.Should bring a personal hand sanitizer bottle with them.
8.Must only enter and exit each practice as outlined by school staff.
9.Must only use the designated restrooms identified by school staff.
10.No physical contact with individuals (NO high-fives, fist bumps, handshakes, etc).

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