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Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

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4 months ago @ 12:33AM

Covid-19 update - Return to sports plan (July 16th)

Champe family


The VHSL Executive Committee met today to discuss potential options for the 2020-2021 sport seasons.  They presented 3 models for consideration and the Regions will be asking each schools input on these options.  During the meeting, it appears that most committee members felt option 3 is the best option from an equity, logistical, and legality aspect.  


Option 1 only allowed for golf and cross country to take place in the fall and a likelihood that all other fall sports would possibly not occur.  In option 1, all sport season start dates would remain in place with cross country and golf starting on August 3rd, winter sports on November 9th, and spring sports on February 22nd


Option 2 was switching the fall and spring sport seasons and under current restrictions, we would not be able to have boys and girls lacrosse.  All seasons would have the same start dates as option 1 but would flip flop fall and spring sports.


Option 3 was to have all sport seasons play, but the seasons would be a little different and the seasons would be slightly shortened. 

Winter Sports -  Dec. 14 - Feb. 20 (1st contest date Dec. 28)

Fall Sports - Feb. 15 - May 1 (1st contest date March 1)

Spring Sports - April 12 - June 26 (1st contest date April 26)


The VHSL Executive committee will meet again on Monday, July 27th to adopt one of the 3 models.  I know we have a lot of questions to be answered and need to wait until a decision is made on July 27th to provide responses. 


If you have questions or concerns or you feel the need to share your feelings in an email.  Please send those emails to Athletic Director Joe Breinig Jr. at and he will be sure to respond or forward them along.


Thanks to everyone for your patience and we will pass along info as it becomes available.


Go Knights!!!

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