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Knights Athletics

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Knights Athletics

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1 month ago @ 6:07PM

Covid-19 update - Dec. 11th

Attention Knight fans,

LCPS Athletic Update for December 11, 2020

Loudoun County Public Schools’ decision to return to 100 percent distance learning has effects on the school division’s athletic program.

Following is the status of LCPS athletics: 

Winter Sports

Loudoun County Public Schools will be participating in winter interscholastic sports under guidelines set forth by the VHSL, which governs interscholastic sports for all 317 public high schools in the Commonwealth.

Practices for winter sports began Monday, December 7, with the first competitions set for December 21. The winter sports season will end February 20. Sports involved in the winter season include basketball, gymnastics, indoor track, swimming and diving and wrestling.

Possible Pauses in the Winter Season

Programs may have to pause due to COVID-19 exposures and/or positive cases being identified within a team or program. Schools understand that games may have to be canceled due to their team being placed in quarantine related to a COVID-19 exposure or a positive case. LCPS Student Health Services and the Loudoun County Health Department work together on contact investigations and determining if individuals or groups have to quarantine or isolate.

Out-of-Season Activities Paused through January 15

LCPS will pause all out-of-season athletic activities, including weight training and conditioning, through Friday, January 15.

Wearing of Face Masks by Athletes

LCPS is adopting the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, VHSL and VDH about wearing masks. All student-athletes, staff members, or coaches will be required to wear a face mask or covering in all practices and competitions. The exceptions to the mask rule will be swimming, gymnastics and wrestling, as wearing a mask in these activities could cause a greater risk for injury. LCPS will increase social distancing of student-athletes to 10 feet when they are not directly involved with the activity or when they are on the sideline during competitions. Due to the limited spaces available on the pool decks at facilities used by LCPS swim and dive teams, participants will be expected to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet at pools, and more whenever possible. 

No Spectators Are Allowed at LCPS Athletic Events At This Time

For the safety and well-being of our athletes, coaches and other staff, LCPS is not allowing spectators at this time. Additional information will be provided as conditions evolve.

Media Access to Athletic Competitions: 

General Policies:     

LCPS acknowledges the responsibilities of legitimate news gathering media representatives in covering and reporting from VHSL athletic competitions and has established regulations and guidelines to assist media with the requesting/issuing of working media credentials, the use of equipment by news gathering media and VHSL property rights for all VHSL Championship events. 

Any non-editorial, commercial or other unauthorized use of any transmission, internet stream, photo, image, film, videotape, audiotape, any play-by-play depiction or description of any competition and/or game action and/or any non-editorial or commercial use of any team school name or logo, is prohibited without written consent of the VHSL. 

Media credentials are available only for the news and editorial purposes of legitimate news-gathering organizations, which are media organizations engaged in the regular gathering and timely publication or transmittal with editorial oversight of original, objective news coverage of current events of general interest to the communities served by those organizations. News-gathering organizations eligible for media credentials include, but are not limited to, traditional media organizations such as newspapers, radio stations, television stations, wire services and pool reporters meeting these criteria. As described in this section, legitimate Internet organizations may also qualify as news-gathering organizations eligible for media credentials. Media of a personal, recruiting or rankings nature, or whose demographic audience are fan-based or focused primarily on one school or a small number of schools do not qualify as news-gathering organizations for purposes of media credentials. 

Media credentials are issued by the Virginia High School League for VHSL Championship events or by tournament directors.  Media credentials for Non-District, District, and Region games are issued by host schools.  

No credential requests or accommodations will be approved for persons not employed on staff or as freelance by contract of a legitimate media organization. Credentials SHOULD NOT be requested for and will not be granted to coaches, former coaches, family of media, friends of media, or family or friends of participants not employed by the requesting media organization. 

LCPS Media Access requirements and guidelines: 

  1. LCPS will require that you notify the school 24 hours in advance so school staff may designate a space in the bleacher for you. 
  2. LCPS will require you to remain in the designated space throughout the competition, with the only exception being for restroom needs. 
  3. LCPS requires press credentials to be presented to school staff at the time of the event. 
  4. Each approved media request to the competition will be allotted a space in the bleachers for one reporter and photographer.  Must maintain 10 feet social distancing!
  5. Face coverings are required before entry into the event and must remain on for the entirety of the event.
  6. A health screening questionnaire and temperature check are required before entry into the event.

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