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Knights Athletics

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Knights Athletics

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1 month ago @ 2:17PM

LCPS mask info

Attention Knight fans,

See below for message from LCPS on their requirements for wearing masks this upcoming winter sports season

Subject: LCPS requires wearing a mask during this time of substantial COVID-19 Community transmission for athletic practices and competitions.


LCPS adopted the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, and VDH about wearing masks. All student-athletes, staff members, or coaches must wear a face mask or covering in all practices and competitions. The exceptions to the mask rule will be swimming, gymnastics, and wrestling, as wearing a mask in these activities could cause a greater risk for injury.  Wrestlers must wear a mask when they are conditioning, but not when they are wrestling with a practice partner or in competition.  Gymnasts must wear a mask throughout their entire practice, except when performing on gymnastics equipment.  Swimmers must wear a mask throughout their entire practice, except when swimming in the pool.   Indoor track will be required to wear a mask during indoor events. Indoor track are required to wear mask for outdoor events where they cannot maintain a minimum of 10 feet of social distancing. 


The use of masks during sports is a balance between the risk of any adverse outcome from the mask and the benefit from reduction in transmission of COVID-19. While not mentioned explicitly by VDH, a running sport where 10 foot distancing can be maintained would also be considered an outdoor sport that does not involve close contact. 


As described by VDH at, "Wearing masks is especially important during indoor competition and practices. Wearing masks is also important in shared spaces such as locker rooms, and during shared transportation (including carpooling) to/from an event. Masks should also be worn by coaches, officials, spectators and volunteers at all times and coaches and/or officials should monitor proper use.  Individual outdoor sports that do not involve close contact (e.g. golf, singles tennis, etc) may not necessitate wearing a mask.  Masks are generally well tolerated by the majority of persons who wear them during exercise;"


The CDC recently updated their guidelines to specify that according to research, masks can also reduce your own exposure to infectious droplets through filtration, as well as reduce the spread to others.


If wearing a mask makes participation in sports difficult for you, it is advisable not to participate in sports at this time.

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