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Knights Athletics

John Champe High School


Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Team News.

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 9:54AM

Team Store 2020. Please get in by Dec 23rd


Gear store for this year is open.  Closes Dec 23rd.  Make sure to get orders in.  All High School players need to pick up either the JV or V pack. Other items are optional.

Please reach out if you need help with which one to get.  Varsity boys will get to select numbers.  Will work best we can with JV to get them numbers wanted based on size of Jerseys.  

Most the boys should have the bag from the past if you do not please get the bag.  The bag will be good for all your years with us.  We will look like as team as we travel.  Other bags will not be aloud. 

 All new 9th and 10th graders will have a spot on the team.  Rising 11th and 12th will be fine as long as I have seen you out working hard all off season. 



Team News

1 month ago @ 11:46AM

Fierce nation sign up. Winter lacrosse and Conditioning.

Fierce Nation - please sign up to play, games begin Dec 7th.  All new HS guys that practiced with us this past fall are welcome to join us.

Dec pick up games and conditioning begin Dec 3rd at the stadium 6pm.

Dec 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19

Dec Saturday morning conditioning begins Dec 7th at 7am.

Dec 7, 14, 21 - Jan 11, 18, 25.



Team News

4 months ago @ 6:53AM

Regular Season Practice Times

First day of practice will begin on February 24th.  All paperwork must be in to participate. 

Regular practice times will be M-F 4:30-6:30pm and Saturdays 7-10am.  

No practice over spring break for both JV and V. 

Team News

4 months ago @ 12:51PM

Summer Lacrosse

We play our Summer lacrosse thru EKLC.  Please vist for all the info.  No problem if you play for another travel team just reach out and see what you can make that does not conflict and we will be happy to work with you. 

Team News

4 months ago @ 12:56PM

Fall Lacrosse

Fall lacrosse will be held on Sundays thru EKLC.  Please visit for all the particulars.  Guys on other travel teams reach out and attend anything that does not conflict.  

All JC boys new to the sport are welcome to attend on Sundays at 4:30 unless it is a holiday weekend in Sept and October. 

 Fall pick up games - Open to all - Great for boys new to the sport.  Dates TBD 

We will work tournaments in November after football is complete so please reach out and attend what you can.  

No activities Thanksgiving weekend prior to start of winter conditioning in Dec.
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