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Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Knights Athletics

John Champe High School

Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 2:12PM

Athletic Physicals and Parent Volunteers

Athletic physicals are currently being accepted by the Athletic Department for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. Athletes are NOT allowed to try-out unless they have a current physical on file. 

Parent Volunteers: We are in need of parent volunteers to help us provide officials and score keepers for this upcoming season. If you are already certified and/or willing to help, please let Coach Johnson or Coach Molesky know. We can't have a fully functioning swim team without these positions.

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:02AM

Swim-a-thon is set for January 8

We are set for the swim-a-thon on January 8th during our practice time.  We have plans for some things and we need the funds for them to happen.  The swimmers will be swimming laps, that number is unknown, however we will know after their 45 minute window of swim time. 

There are 2 options as to how one can donate:

  1. A flat rate donation - the sponsor chooses the amount
  2. A per lap rate donation - sponsor chooses how much they are willing to donate for each lap swam

Each swimmer was given a $100 goal and many have reached that goal so far and we haven't even swam yet.  We are looking forward to this and hope that it will be a good way to raise funds each year and allow us coaches to get some good and much needed items for the team.

Here is a link to where a donation can and has to be made (it is all done online, no $ changes hands).

Donate HERE!!! You choose the amount you are willing to donate.

Team News

6 months ago @ 9:55AM

Fundraiser - Swim-a-Thon - Jan. 8

Attention to all parents and swimmers:  the John Champe Swim Team is in need of some funds to do some things.  Earlier in the year, we as the coaching staff mentioned the need of raising some funds.  We need funds to pay for Senior Gifts, End-of-Year Banquet and other items (team roster shirts and other items needed to run a swim team).  


We are looking for your help!!!


We are doing a fundraiser and instead of having swimmers get people to buy something or them trying to sell something, we are doing something more beneficial for an athlete; especially a swimmer and that is swim.  


On January 8th, we will be doing the 1st Annual John Champe Swim Team Swim-A-Thon.  Each swimmer will swim as many laps as they can in  45 minute span.  Due to the number of swimmers on the team, we will break the practice up into 2 halves.  Half the team will swim the first 45 minutes while the other half is counting for a swimmer and then they will switch roles for the 2nd half.  We will be asking for all swimmers to participate.


Swimmers were given a fundraising pledge sheet. The pledge sheet also has a goal and that is $100 for each swimmer.  Swimmers should go out and find sponsors.  A sponsor can pledge 2 ways, either a flat rate or per lap.  The flat rate option is where the sponsor pledges an amount no matter how many laps the swimmer swims.  The per lap pledge amount is based upon the number of laps swam.


On the pledge sheet, it explains how one can make the donation.  We have set up a online payment method, much like how one paid the athletic fee.  The name of the payment portal link is Swim Team Fundraiser.  


Pledge sheet is attached.


Team News

6 months ago @ 3:13PM by CoachJohnson

LCPS Invitational - Dec. 21

All swimmers who are competing within the LCPS Invitational on Saturday December 21 need to arrive at the JCHS bus loop at 8:00 am.  Swimmers should come prepared with suit, cap, goggles and water.  This will be a longer than normal meet.  Food will not be permitted on the pool deck, but there will be food trucks outside for purchase.

Tech suits are allowed at this event, so if you own one; wear it.

If you are looking to purchase a shirt or hoodie, they will be available for purchase.


Short Sleeve White or Gray  $15.00
Long Sleeve White or Gray   $18.00
Short Sleeve Tie Dyes           $22.00
Hoodies                                  $25.00

Team News

6 months ago @ 12:42PM

Team Pictures - Dec. 17

Tuesday Dec. 17 is the date for the team pictures.  Swimmers need to have their warm ups. I know that not all swimmers have gotten warm ups due to the lack having enough.  We have asked swimmers who were told they could keep old warm ups to please assist in helping the few who haven't gotten any.

As for pictures:
I have shared a link that was given to us, but it appears to not being ready yet.  I am going to attach the picture form, which we will have available on Tuesday.  Coach Molesky may have already gotten these and have them, check with her.
On picture day there will be TWO stations taking individual portraits for the composite team picture and the individual pose, as well as ONE photographer taking “publication only” group photos, which are for school use only, to fulfill any Program, Yearbook or School Publications of any kind.  These photos will be shared with the school within 2 business days of picture day; turnaround for composite photos is 15 business days.

Team News

6 months ago @ 3:13PM

Dec 14 Swim Meet

Swimmers need to arrive to John Champe on Saturday Dec. 14 at 3:00.

The bus will leave at 3:30 and the meet starts at 5:00.

Team News

6 months ago @ 11:05AM

Upcoming Information

Wednesday December 11: 

5:00 - meet in Coach Molesky's classroom.  We will be handing out warm ups and also attending to other items such as team captains.
Remember that the bus is only provided to the pool (only on Wednesday's), so for those who take the bus; make certain that you have a ride home.
you may stay after school with Coach Molesky to work on any school work needed.
6:30 - Practice - ALL swimmers should be at the pool by 6:00 to be ready for entry at 6:30.
Thursday December 12:
7:30 - Practice - ALL swimmers should be at the pool by 7:00 to be ready for entry at 7:30.
Tuesday December 17:
4:00 - ALL swimmers need to be ready for pictures by this time so pictures can begin at 4:20, so ALL swimmers should be in Coach Molesky's classroom in warm ups for pictures.
Saturday December 14: 
Arrival Time TBD: - ALL swimmers need to arrive to John Champe HS to prepare for departure to Claude Moore Rec. Center for a swim meet vs. Potomac Falls
5:00: - Meet begins
Wednesday December 18:
6:30 - Practice - ALL swimmers should be at the pool by 6:00 to be ready for entry at 6:30.
Thursday December 19:
7:30 - Practice - ALL swimmers should be at the pool by 7:00 to be ready for entry at 7:30.
Saturday December 21:
Loudoun County Public Schools Invitational
Information to come

Team News

7 months ago @ 10:12AM by Coach Johnson

Parent Meeting tonight (12/4) at Dulles South after practice

Sorry for the short notice of this, but with the holidays and the fact that we had to spread the tryouts over a span of 2 weeks due to # of days we get to practice, I forgot to post this.  


Some of you may have attended the Parent Meeting that was held at the school during one of the tryout dates (this was held by the Athletic Director), so if you attended that meeting; you do not need to attend this one.  We will be holding a meeting this evening after practice at Dulles south in the stands.  It shouldn't take long, but it has to be given and offered.  Again, if you attended the meeting held by the AD a few weeks ago, you do not need to attend.


What we will be talking about:

 - Introduction of coaches

 - Expectations (Team behavior & Parents)

 - Parent Communication

 - Student Handbook

 - Lettering requirements

 - Transportation

 - Activity Fee

 - Study Hall

 - Team Rules

 - Booster Club

 - Concessions & Ticket help (other sports - a way to help raise funds for the team)

 - Website for info

 - Practice Schedule & Times

 - Sportsmanship

Team News

7 months ago @ 9:46AM by Coach Johnson

Swim Tryouts

The day has come for trying out for the John Champe Swim Team.

Be certain that you have fully registered for try outs with the Athletic Department: this means that your sports physical has been turned in, you have registered online and submitted your Emergency Card, Concussion, Parental Consent and Training Rules.  If you have not completed all of the said things above, you will not be allowed to enter the pool until you have.

Tonight's tryout is at 6:30-8:00, but swimmers must be there 30 minutes prior to start time to be ready to go.  So, have your suit, your goggles, swim cap and water ready to go for each day of tryouts.  Each swimmer should be ready to enter the pool 15 minutes prior to start time.

Tomorrow/s tryout starts at 7:30-9:00, again be at the facility 30 minutes prior & ready 15 minutes prior to start time.

See you tonight!!!

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:06AM

Winter Sports Registration

Be sure you have fully registered with the Athletic Department before coming out to practice!

Please visit the registration page at in ensure you have completed and turned in all forms needed to participate in winter sports. 

Swimmers who have not completed all requirements will NOT be allowed to pratice. 

Team News

8 months ago @ 7:28PM

Team stores (Required & Optional)

Team store for required items for the team is now open until 11:59 pm Nov. 23rd. 

Follow the link: Required Items

The following items are required from the team store:

  • Team suit
  • Team cap
    • With last name
  • Fins (for practice)
    • If you already own, no need to buy again
  • Kick board (for practice)
    • If you already own, no need to buy again

Team apparel and optional items to buy.  This store is open now until 11:59 pm Nov. 23rd. 

Follow the link: Optional Items  Enter sale code: 3Y4ZK

Let's get ready for the swim season!

Team News

8 months ago @ 10:50AM by Coach Johnson

Swim Team Tryouts

This is a reminder that tryouts for the John Champe Swim team is just around the corner.

  • Wednesday Nov. 13 - 6:30-8:00
  • Thursday Nov. 14 - 7:30-9:00
  • Other Tryout dates are also Nov. 20 & 21.

Swimmers must be ready to enter the pool at start time.  (cap, goggles, water & a great attitude)

Location is Dulles South Pool

Bus to and from will be provided from JCH. Students may wait in Coach Molesky's room 1201 for the bus after school. 

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:12AM by Coach Johnson

Swimming Parent Meeting

For the parents of the interested swimmers, we will be holding an interest/information meeting on the following date:

Wednesday October 23 at 5:45

Location TBD (most likely in cafeteria) this will be updated once it is finalized.

We (Coach Molesky and myself) are looking forward to meeting you all.

Team News

8 months ago @ 3:17PM by Coach Johnson

Interested in joining the Swim Team?

If you are interested in joining John Champe Swim Team and were not present at the interest meeting, please stop by and see Coach Molesky in Room 1201 for information.

Team News

9 months ago @ 3:10PM by Coach Johnson

Interest Meeting

On October 2nd, there will be an interest meeting held in Coach Molesky's room (Room 1201) at 4:15.  This will be an opportunity to meet both of the coaches and get information regarding the swim team.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Team News

9 months ago @ 2:52PM by Coach Johnson

2019-20 Swimming Tryout information

The swim season is right around the corner.  Here is the information for trying out for the 2019-20 John Champe Knights' Swim Team:

Tryout Dates:

  • November 13 (6:30-8:00)
    • Initial tryout
  • November 14 (7:30-9:00)
    • Time Trial -- ran like a meet
  • November 20 (6:30-8:00)
    • Time Trial continued -- ran like a meet
  • November 21 (7:30-9:00)
    • Final tryout and decisions made

What you will need for tryouts:

Come prepared to swim, but in order for you to try out; all required forms need to be turned into the Athletic Department.  That information (paperwork) can be found on the Files & Links page of the Athletic Website.

What you will need for the actual pool will consist of yourself, a suit, goggles, swim cap (not required), and a good attitude. 

Coach Johnson and Coach Molesky are looking forward to seeing what each of you have.
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